Add Salesforce to Protecto

Step I: Giving read access to all default and custom object's custom fields

There are two ways to do this:

  1. The straightforward way to do this is to go to Object Manager and individually give field permission for all custom fields (for default and custom objects): Set Field-Level Security option.

  2. An app exists in Salesforce AppExchange link. A demo video link (given below) helps simplify the process to a few clicks.

For all future created objects and tabs, Protecto user should be given access to the custom fields. Also, if Protecto analysis needs to be run on the tab, it should be set to set to 'Default On' in profiles > Tab settings.

Step II: Create Protecto user

  1. Search for Users in the search box and click the same.

  2. Click the New User button.

  3. Add the following details:

    • Last Name: ProtectoUser

    • Alias: protecto

    • Email: Use an active email address since an account verification email would be sent

    • Username: Use the above email address

    • Nickname: This field gets auto-filled

    • Role: None Specified

    • Use License: Salesforce

    • Profile: Protecto User

  4. Save the user.

Step III: Adding Salesforce to Protecto UI

  1. Open the Protecto application URL and login with the user details shared with you.

  2. Click the 'Add datasource' button and add the salesforce datasource by filling up all the details, like:

    • Datasource Name: Identifier for the datasource (Any name of your choice)

    • Base URL: The base URL of the salesforce application which is sent to the email during email verification of Protecto User.

    • Client Id: Enter the consumer key generated earlier.

    • Client Secret: Enter the consumer secret generated earlier.

    • Username: Enter the user name created earlier (e.g. PROTECTO_USER).

Once all the above steps are done, Protecto will start analyzing the Salesforce data and provide insights in few hours.

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