Steps to create Protecto user

Step I: Create Protecto User Profile:

• In the Lightning UI > Setup, search for Profiles and select the same.

• Create Protecto user profile from minimal access – Salesforce profile.

• Next, edit the created profile as below:

Tab Settings > Enable tab view for ALL tabs (value would be Tab Hidden by default)


▪ This step would take some time, but is a one-time only process. By default all tabs are hidden.

▪ Any third party app tabs can be kept as hidden if Protecto analysis need not be run on them.

Connected app access > protecto_app (check mark this app to give permission)

Administrative Permissions > API Enabled

Administrative Permissions > View All Data

Administrative Permissions > View All Users

Administrative Permissions > View All Profiles

Administrative Permissions > Password Never Expires

General User Permissions > Use Order Management Return Order

Note: If this option isn't visible, it can be ignored.

Session Settings > Session Times Out After > 24 hours of inactivity

Password Policies > User password expires in > Never expires

Click Save to create the Protecto User profile.

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