Steps to create connected app

In the Lightning Setup UI, search for App Manager and click on New Connected App and follow the below steps:

Basic Information section:

○ All mandatory field's values are discussed below.

Connected App Name can be given as protecto_app

API Name field gets auto filled.

Contact Email can be support email of organization.

API (Enable OAuth Settings) section:

○ Check mark Enable OAuth Settings, to get more options for the same.

Callback URL can be set to anything, e.g.:

○ In Selected OAuth Scopes add Manage user data via APIs permission.

○ Check mark below fields:

Require Secret for Web Server Flow

Require Secret for Refresh Token Flow

○ Click on Save to save the connected app.

▪ We get this message: Changes can take up to 10 minutes to take effect. Deleting a parent org also deletes all connected apps with OAuth settings enabled.

▪ Click on continue

▪ Click on Manage Consumer Details

▪ Use the verification code obtained via mail (of admin user) to verify.

▪ New screen opens containing Consumer Details.

▪ Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in a safe place, as it will be used later on.

▪ In the search box, search for App Manager and open the same. Find protecto_app, and click the dropdown (right corner). Click on view.

▪ In the view screen, scroll down to Initial Access Token for Dynamic Client Registration section, click Generate button for Initial Access Token

• Read the pop-up and click OK.

○ Search again for Manage Connected Apps in search box and click on the same

○ Find the newly created protecto_app and click edit button ○

In OAuth policies,

▪ set IP Relaxations to Relax IP restrictions

▪ Set Permitted Users to All users may self-authorize.

○ Under Session Policies, set Timeout Value to None.

○ Save the same, and we are done creating the Connected app protecto_app.

Now that we have created a connected app, Let's create a user with minimum access for running the Protecto product.

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